The Story of the InnocenS

Masks which hide the void. Dreams, souls, wishes, us – they’re all absent. Out of all the apocalypses of this world, religious, economic, ecological or cultural, the most terrifying one is the apocalypse of authenticity. Innocens is more than just a concept meant to rebuild the image of a confident individual, whose power resides in self-knowledge and freedom of expression, through the assertion of their own style. Here, time fosters the transcendence of limitations by being a vessel full of chances, of metamorphoses, of experiments and renderings of the Ego into a unique sartorial language.

Each and every one of the creations under the auspices of Innocens defines a microsociety, whose destiny is to give a new meaning to our actions. Authenticity nowadays is consistent with the situation. „To be” embraces „to do”, hiding itself in bold tailoring and textures, in simple lines and complex fabrics, which transform the Innocens collections into a code of what could be called „underground luxury”. Far from falling in line with the current trends, inspired by the relentless indigenous creativity, the distinct design of each piece speaks of the structure of an idea. Unalterability. To be uncorrupted.

Don’t bend to the influences of fashion, social canons or the rules of a world growing old under the pressure of self-imposed limitations. The birth of the New Man is inevitable. The New Man who has no past, who is thrown into the void of the immediate, like the son of an everlasting present. We may never know whether in his veins runs a diabolic or a holy thrill, and this makes him innocent.


Fostered in gloomy nights of the imagination and in days controlled by the need for freedom, Innocens creations are the statement of those who believe in innovation. Handmade, they are the embodiment of the highest quality standards and attention to details, which only the expert eye possesses. The fabrics are the instrument of a difficult to ignore and impossible to emulate style. We can imitate hundreds of things, we can mimic dozens of feelings, but we cannot hide who we are.

The singularity of the Innocens concept inheres in the need for assertion. It is a style that dresses personalities, not bodies. It covers the form and reveals the attitude. The innocence of „Carpe Diem!”. Creation is the sole revenge man can get on the passing of time. To stand against mass production with one-of-a-kind pieces, which tell the story of anachronism. To make versus to create.

Textile industry versus fashion industry. The differences lie in the choice of words and in the way we choose to relate to the world. That is why, rather than just clothes, the Innocens creations are glimpses of art, exhibited in the concept store on Dorobanti Street, no 132.